Couples Breathwork

This 90 minute customized experience for you and your partner is an open invitation to restoring and rejuvenating your love. Possibly an opportunity to explore places you have yet to adventure with one another- and this is all done through the breath! We will start the session with an exercise to create a sense of transparency and vulnerability, while I will acknowledge that this is a safe and secure space to be open- to be open together in this experience has the ability to heighten awareness and help support in establishing a deeper connection. You will have the option to set intentions individually as well as a couple. This is followed by the 3 part breath technique all done through the mouth (an intensive form of Pranayama). You will have my guidance throughout the entire experience, creating a safe, secure, and encouraging space to assist and support in your healing. After the active breathing portion comes to a close, you and your partner are welcome to join hands, experience an exchange of energy and a restored you. I will always encourage my clients to leave this space mindful of feelings, emotions, and thoughts that could surface and could potentially feel overwhelming or that could create a feeling of “raw.” Raw is OK. It means we are open to feeling and ultimately honoring being fully awake to life.

Holding Hands