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Meditation by the Sea

Your mind, your body.

Heal from within 

I have always been a nurturer. I care deeply for others and have always sought to find ways to help people. My own journey to to healing emotionally brought me to yoga, meditation, and then finally to breathwork. It is in breathwork that I found a profound shift. I was able to move stuck energy, heal old wounds, physically my body felt amazing, I was suddenly open and connecting to others, I had a newfound energy. The benefits have been endless. I wish to guide, motivate, and educate you while helping you to create space, growth, and a richer more grounded life. 

Yoga and breathwork are a beautiful pairing of tools to help you learn your body, build your intuition, slow your mind, and become more in tune with yourself and those around you. 

I look forward to working with you in pursuit of your souls intent.